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A small video game studio from Malaysia, building unique narrative experiences on mobile phones.

We also made Sara is Missing and the spiritual successor, SIMULACRA.



SIMULACRA is a realistic “found phone” horror game that takes place entirely on the screen of a mobile phone. A voyeuristic experience that combines of point and click adventure games, found footage videos and fully realised phone apps. It is also a spiritual sequel to Sara Is Missing.

visit http://www.playsimulacra.com for more info




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Shahrizar Roslan – CEO

Shahrizar Roslan often just called Shah runs Kaigan Games, a leading indie game studio in Malaysia and South East Asia. Born in the sleepy town of Sungai Petani he attended Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for his undergraduate studies, but dropped out of his Masters research and worked in the Human Capital Development industry for a couple of years. He found his true passion in Game Development where one fateful weekend he and his brother Azmi sat down and made their first game. They have been at it for the past 6 years, with over 20 games made for clients from around the world. Shah has been the Artist, Animator, and Game Designer for a number of games. Currently, he plays the role of Producer in Kaigan. He names Planescape Torment, Half Life 2, Dungeon Keeper 2 and Alpha Centauri as his all time favourite games.

Jeremy Ooi – Game Designer

Jeremy has been making games professionally and personally for the past 5 years. He was involved in Malaysia’s very first PC point and click game “Hoodwink” and has since worked on several games and gamification projects. He also freelances as a game journalist, having written for Haogamers, Pocket Gamer and cilisos.my. Besides working with games, he is also quite active in the theatre industry since his youth, where he sometimes direct and produce his own indie shows. Occasionally, you might spot him at local game shops playing Magic the Gathering casually or competitively.

Shahazmi Roslan – Lead Developer

Shahazmi Roslan is the lead developer for Kaigan Games. His interest in game development started much younger when he stumbled upon the map editor for StarCraft. Though simple and limited, it thought him the basics of scripting and game design. He finds the ability to create and craft experiences to be his true calling, which eventually led him into game programming and create his own games with his brother, Rizar. Despite graduating with an Accounting degree, he developed and published over 20 casual mobile games. Now, he works on more ambitious story-driven games. His all time favourite games are Homeworld, Baldur’s Gate II, Hitman and the Diablo series.

Suhana Sulaiman – Operations Manager

Suhana Sulaiman currently occupies the position of operations head at Kaigan Games and she had since discovered that working in a multicultural and challenging environment was actually easier than she thought. Since then, her new diverse sets of skills had always improved. She studied BSc Health Physics at University Teknology Malaysia (UTM), MSc Business Administration (MBA) majoring in International Business at University Putra (Malaysia) and proceeded to work in a fast, upscale environment, assuring client delight by offering innovative solutions and focusing on critical details while maintaining an abroad perspective. She is in charge of managing the human resource and finance at Kaigan games. She has a highly proactive, result-oriented and analytical skillset.

Lee Ying Foo – Junior Game Artist

Lee Ying Foo is the all-around game artist for Kaigan Games. An art graduate from KDU, Malaysia’s game development programme, she is proficient in a wide variety of tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3Ds Max, 3d coat, and Quixel. She believes that working in a diverse and evolving industry, you need to be adaptable by mastering the tools you know and learning the ones you don’t know. Art productivity is driven by visual inspiration, so being saturated in references and material that inspires is what keeps her going. Games that are hugely inspirational to her are Bioshock, Dishonored, Oxenfree, Transistor and Borderlands 2.

Arief Budi Prasetyo – Junior Full Stack Developer

Arief Budi Prasetyo is a junior full stack and the newest member at Kaigan Games. Hailing from the mystical lands of Central Java, Indonesia; he studied at Ahmad Dahlan University majoring in Informatics Technology. Being the only permanent off-site team member, he has become the “IRIS” of our Slack chat. Always watching, always listening.  A big fan of Japanese anime, he lists Sword Art Online, Seto No Hanayome, Zetsuen No Tempest and Tokyo Ravens as his personal favorites. He spends the rest of his free time playing World of Tanks, Tropico, Dota 2 and Osu.

Alex Lee – Junior Game Programmer

Alex is the latest newcomer to Kaigan Games and the games industry in general. As such, he is eager to help to the best of his ability all the while learning something new every step of the way. With the game development skills acquired during his studies at Limkokwing University as well as from previous works, Alex was assigned the position of Junior Game Programmer in Kaigan Games. Apart from creating games, Alex enjoys playing and experiencing a multitude of games from This War of Mine to Dota 2. Whereas games he could not play personally, he would watch them over on YouTube.

Priya Kulasagaran – Writer

Priya Kulasagaran writes stories to make sense of the world and the human condition. A recovering journalist, and occasional screenwriter, she has jumped into games development to see how far interactive narrative can be pushed. She spends too much time at punk gigs and on Reddit.

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